Quality Control International, LLC ("QCI"), was established in 1998 in the Commonwealth of Virginia, to meet customer requests and needs to provide quality control inspections for multiple services. In 2000, QCI was asked to provide custodial services under urgent and compelling circumstances at a 24-hour federal site totaling 372,624 square feet. Ultimately, QCI was asked to provide O&M services in addition to the custodial services until such time that the government agency was able to solicit for full building maintenance under competitive procedures.

Quality Control International serves as a prime contractor at government sites providing full building maintenance services.  We also provide subcontract inspection services, Health and Safety programs, and human resources in  multiple  disciplines.  We are here to meet the needs of our client filling the wide array of facility operation requirements.

Project Management

Quality Control International delivers to our clients a well-designed and proven management strategy and structure for supporting the ongoing progress and success of multiple projects in Operation and maintenance. Our approach provides an overall governance framework that empowers our Program Managers (PM), to:

Facilitate cross-project alignment and adjustment of resources

Call upon QCI management to commit any corporate resource to fulfill contractual obligations or to meet an emergency need

Monitor each project’s performance and adherence to corporate standards and processes

Ensure process improvements identified by our quality program are effectively implemented

our approach

• Centrally managed

• Strive to attract and retain qualified staff

• Focus on effective quality control

• Responsive service with high quality performance

• Technically Aware

• Innovative in all aspects

• Budget conscious