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Quality Control International (QCI) offers full Facilities Management and Maintenance Services for Government agencies throughout the United States and Canada.

QCI provides all management, supervision, engineering, labor, supplies, materials, tools, and equipment to effectively and economically manage, operate, and maintain Federal Facilities.

Our O&M team is focused on providing full contract operations, professional management, and cost-effective project delivery.

We believe that company success cannot occur without a successful partnership with our clients. The company's core strength is industry leading operation and management expertise, standardized and stream-lined operating procedures and highly qualified personnel.



Quality Control International delivers to our clients a well-designed and proven management strategy and structure for supporting the ongoing progress and success of multiple projects in operations and maintenance. The scope of O&M includes the activities required to keep a particular property and their supporting infrastructure, including HVAC, utility systems, parking lots, roads, drainage structures and grounds in a condition to be used to meet their intended function during their life cycle.


Quality Control International provides commercial Janitorial services to single and multi-tenant buildings, ranging from commercial office space, retail, food services, industrial, manufacturing, etc. Our diverse service offerings are always custom tailored to our clients needs, building occupants, the type of facility, or public health recommendations.


Quality Control International offers snow removal and landscaping services to a multitude of commercial clients ranging from a small parking lots to commercial campuses which exceed 300 acres.



Strive to Attract and Retain Qualified Staff

Centrally Managed

Responsive Service with High Quality Performance

Technically Aware

Innovative in all Aspects